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bullet  Abfam Enterprises Ltd
bullet  Breezeway Accommodations
bullet  Council of the Haida Nation
bullet  Gracie's Place
bullet  Gwaii Trust Society - Skidegate
bullet  Haida Child and Family Services Society
bullet  Jag's Beanstalk
bullet  Jesse Jones Memorial Fund
bullet  Misty Isles Economic Development Society
bullet  Queen Charlotte Youth Education Society
bullet  Richardson Ranch
bullet  Ron Souza
bullet  Sea Raven Motel
bullet  Skidegate Band Council

BUSINESSES (with web pages)

bullet  Bayview Garden B & B
bullet  Black Press Community News Media
bullet  Cacilia Honisch
bullet  Charlotte Island Knitting
bullet  Chateau Norm
bullet  Consignment Canada
bullet  Echo Bay - Terry Tollestrup
bullet  Full Moon Photo
bullet  Funk It Furniture
bullet  Golden Spruce Motel
bullet  Haida Gwaii Trader
bullet  Haida Heritage Centre at Kaay Llnagaay
bullet  Hecate Inn Ltd
bullet  Hecate Strait Employment Development Society
bullet  Inlet Computer Sales & Services
bullet  Island Meat & Sausage Co
bullet  JKL Training Academy
bullet  John Thomas
bullet  Karrow; Sheila
bullet  Misty Harbour Inn
bullet  Misty Island Towing and Storage
bullet  North Coast Fishing
bullet  Northern Health - new Hospital
bullet  Northern Shores Lodging and Catering
bullet  O'Brien Road and Bridge
bullet  Ocean View Restaurant
bullet  Premier Creek Lodging
bullet  QCI Communications Ltd
bullet  Queen Charlotte Visitor Information Centre
bullet  Riverside Bed & Breakfast
bullet  Russ; Rose
bullet  Serenity Now! Bed & Breakfast
bullet  Sew What Enterprises
bullet  Sid Dickens Inc
bullet  Simon Davies
bullet  Simpson Controls Ltd
bullet  Sun Studio
bullet  Taan Forest LP
bullet  The Bunkhouse Campground Resort
bullet  Tom Argue - Custom Creations
bullet  Vancouver Island Regional Library
bullet  Village of Queen Charlotte

INDIVIDUALS (with web pages)

bullet  Captain Gold
bullet  Jason Murphy
bullet  Literacy Haida Gwaii
bullet  Mike Meegan
bullet  Rolf Bettner
bullet  Thompson's Woodworking Safety Handbook


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